When you get an email like this you step up and help out in any way you can. I took her idea for a logo and made it a reality. I also set a branding guideline to help keep the brand consistent and become a recognizable image.

“My cousin had a stroke at 40 and it totally changed his life. He hasn’t been the same since. Hasn’t regained all of his motor functions and still can’t speak all that well.

His daughter ( Samantha) is now in high school and it really impacted her, seeing her dad go through it. Her mom and dad are divorced but Samantha’s mom still really supports and is caring with dad. Samantha went through all sorts of counseling, etc. and out of it all, she has decided to help others. She said it’s the way she is really coming to terms and dealing with it now. She has started a non-profit with the help of her mom.”

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